British politician: The British Chancellor of the Exchequer is a "spy" who led 50 million pounds in aid to China

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·British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunt with his wife.

When things go wrong, there will be demons.

Author: Mao Yufei

Jeremy Hunt did not always remember that his wife was Chinese, and even made a mistake once. Five years ago, when he visited China as British Foreign Secretary, he introduced his wife diplomatically, saying that she was "Japanese", but only later came to his senses and changed his words to "my wife is Chinese."

This is not uncommon among Westerners – in the eyes of many Westerners, East Asians all look similar, and it is not clear which country is of origin.

Hunter, now chancellor of the exchequer, never imagined that a politician would "report" to British intelligence more than he did about his wife's birthplace.

If something goes wrong, there will be a demon, what is the idea of this "demon-making" politician?

Is this guilty?

·Hunter with his wife.

Western politicians smearing China is not new. But being born in China and being a Chinese national has also become the "original sin" of his wife, and he is also connected to her husband, which is really a bit bottomless.

Moreover, this is mixed up with the hype of "Chinese spies" created out of nothing.

Recently, British police arrested two British men on suspicion of "spying for China in the UK." The British media was hyped wildly, and the "007" style story became more and more mysterious.

At this moment, the rubbing traffic came.

On September 10-11, a British politician named Alex Ferguson suddenly "fired" at Hunter on social media, saying that Hunter, who married his Chinese wife Lucia, was a "Chinese spy."

·British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hunt with his wife.

Ferguson said Hunter was a "Tongzhong" element lurking at the top of the British hierarchy who "managed to get Britain to aid China for £50 million" and that his channel of communication with China was his Chinese wife, Lucia.

·Ferguson accused Hunter of "through" tweets.

In Ferguson's eyes, Lucia's Chinese identity is "important evidence." Based on the fact that "his wife was born in China" alone, Hunter has the motive of "secret communication" with China. According to Ferguson, the "Hunters" are simply the "Smiths" sent by China.

In fact, the Hunters met in 2008. At that time, Hunter was just an ordinary MP, and Lucia was an ordinary student who came to England to study.

Another piece of "evidence" from Ferguson is even more gimmicky. Lucia participated in a show in 2021 that "introduced China to British audiences" in 2021, which was "produced by Chinese companies." To put it bluntly, it was as if Mrs. Hunt was "propaganda for China." As a result, some media checked the relevant information of the program and found that the content of the current program was about Chinese flowers and had nothing to do with current politics.

The so-called Hunter "led the aid of 50 million pounds to China" is also a rumor. This statement has been circulating in the British people for a long time, but it has long been clarified. This money is not "to aid China", but to British NGOs to carry out activities in China and serve British national interests.

Although all kinds of "evidence" were simply untenable, Ferguson sent three tweets in a row, and asked MI5 and other British counterintelligence agencies to "thoroughly investigate the Hunters" by name. His "iron fans" have shouted in the tweet message area to "hurry up and catch this spy couple."

Using such radical rhetoric to gain political capital is a trick Ferguson has used before. He is a candidate for MP for the Brexit Party. Looking through his social media, you can see many tough statements attacking the British high-level. In the election for members of the British Parliament Scottish East Barnsley constituency, Ferguson's support continued to rise, but he lost by one vote.

Can he be considered "pro-China"?

When it comes to Hunter, it is true to say that he has a prominent family and is political and business-oriented. His grandfather was a brigadier general and his father an admiral, and he graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford, with degrees in politics, philosophy and economics.

Before entering politics, Hunter ran a company. He later sold the company for 14 million pounds (about 126 million yuan), a real net worth of billions.

He is also prosperous. He became Minister of Culture in 2010, Minister of Health in 2012, Foreign Secretary in 2018 and Minister of Finance in 2022.

·Hunter was accused of being a "spy."

Hunter did praise Chinese. In 2015, he publicly called on Britons to "work as hard as Chinese, not just enjoy benefits". At that time, many British media outlets made headlines with his words. Discerning people can see at a glance that Hunter is just using "Chinese" as an example, and the spearhead is still pointing to his British compatriots who "eat welfare".

If you want to say that Hunter is "pro-China", I really don't know where to start.

The Internet has a memory. In 2019, there was a "turmoil over the amendment of the extradition bill" in Hong Kong. On July 3 of that year, Hunter tweeted that he would "remind the Chinese government that good relations between countries are based on mutual respect and joint implementation of legally binding international agreements." He said China would face "serious consequences" if it "did not abide by the agreement."

What do these words mean? Those who understand understand. A spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry commented at the time: "He seems to be still immersed in the illusion of the former British colonizers. ”

Nowadays, some British politicians have "gone crazy" with their American counterparts and have completely "played off" the so-called political correctness and "anti-China manipulation." Even Hunter can be labeled "Tongzhong" and become a suspected target of "Chinese spies", saying that they are too light.

Regarding this wave of operations carried out on the topic of "Chinese spies", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning took a clear attitude: This statement is completely fabricated, China firmly opposes it, and we urge the British side to stop spreading false information, stop anti-China political manipulation and malicious slander.

"Finland is crazy too"?

Ironically, some Western politicians are now increasingly obsessed with the "theory of descent" on national security issues, as if one's loyalty really has a lot to do with where a spouse is born.

In the first half of this year, Finnish Finance Minister Rika Pula appointed journalist Yari Kujkanmakki as her media relations adviser. This is not a "sensitive position", at best a publicist. Kuykanmakee is also in this position because he has good media channels and communication skills.

Conventionally, when a minister nominates such a person, the appointment is generally approved. But the appointment was rejected by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

·Kuykanmekee's appointment was vetoed.

Kuykanmakee was scheduled to start in mid-July. In early July, he also went to the Finnish Ministry of Finance for induction training, and was preparing to officially start construction when agents from the Security Intelligence Service approached him.

Kuikan McKee was questioned by agents for nearly two hours. The agent said, there is something wrong with your girlfriend. Although she became a Finnish citizen in 2013, she was a Chinese citizen and her parents are still Chinese.

The agent also said she returned to China in 2016 to visit relatives, and in 2017 her parents visited Finland. In short, because his girlfriend was a Chinese national, Kuykanmakee's personal background was a "security risk" and he could not work in the government.

Kuykanmeki was angry and appealed to the relevant authorities, but to no avail. In early September, he exposed the matter to the media, attracting more attention.

Kuikhamäki and his girlfriend met and fell in love in London in 2011, and her girlfriend returned to Finland with her. In 2022, her girlfriend became a Finnish citizen. Kuikhamikki said his girlfriend, who is now Finnish, has no criminal record, is a law-abiding citizen and has lived in Finland for 10 years. The practices of the Security Intelligence Service are suspected of racial discrimination.

Kujkanmeki's girlfriend also woke up: "They didn't think I was Finn. I chose to become a citizen of Finland because I consider it my new home. How would you feel if your job offer was rejected because of your partner's origin? She said that when asked whether there was racism in Finland, she used to firmly deny it, but now "I'm starting to be skeptical."

As a "neutral country" in Northern Europe, why did Finland also begin to join the hype of "Chinese spies"? Some analysts say that "Northern Europe has long danced with it."

On April 4 this year, Finland, a "permanent neutral country", joined NATO, becoming the 31st member of NATO. At the accession ceremony, Finnish President Niinistö said that this marked the end of Finland's era of military nonalignment.

But even if you enter NATO, you must make a "counterattack every time" in terms of background checks for ordinary government employees? This "Finland is also crazy" style of practice has left many people speechless.

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