Wearing a pair of 15 yuan shoes, the old man wants to transfer 10 million to the bank! The subsequent development was unexpected

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We reacquaint ourselves with an ordinary old man

The old man's name is Ma Xu

It is the first generation of female airborne troops in China

is also the "Moving China" Person of the Year,

National Model of Morality

Five years ago in September

Ma Xu and his wife Yan Xueyong walked into the bank

It was decided to save 10 million yuan in his life

Donated to Magnolia County

It is used to develop education in his hometown

"Only children can get a good education

The development of the hometown will be more promising."

Her best shoes at the time were only worth $15

On the day of donation

Two elderly men arrived at the bank wearing white camouflage uniforms

Since the amount is too large

Bank officials were worried that the two elderly men had been scammed

The police were also called

When the police arrived

Only then did I understand the intention of the second elder

Five years later

The old man's deeds have once again aroused heated discussions

Some netizens said:

This is our example

China's first generation of airborne female soldiers

Ma Xu was born in Mulan County in 1933, when the northeast had been occupied by Japan for two years. In 1946, Mulan County was liberated, and with the support of his family, Ma Xu became a PLA soldier. Before leaving, because of the difficult conditions at home, her mother only stuffed her with a copper plate, enough for her to buy two sugar pills.

Ma Xu in his youth

During her military career, she participated in the Liaoshen Campaign, and also appeared on the battlefield of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, experiencing countless life and death partings.

After the war, Ma Xu, as a military doctor, served as a guard and logistics support for the parachute training of the airborne troops of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Naturally fond of challenges, she took the initiative to apply to become an airborne trooper. But due to physical conditions that did not meet the standards of the Airborne Forces, the leadership did not approve her request.

Ma Xu skydiving (profile photo)

However, as long as Ma Xu, who is strong, recognizes one thing, he will not be easily shaken. She dug a hole at home to practice skydiving, jumping off the table over and over again, five or six hundred times a day, even if she broke her feet, she didn't say anything, she only put on a plaster to continue to practice. Relying on perseverance, Ma Xu successfully passed the exam half a year later.

Ma Xu skydiving (profile photo)

Since 1962, Ma Xu has skydived more than 140 times in more than 20 years of skydiving career, and has completed parachute jumping tasks in rivers, forests, Gobi, plateaus and other environments, becoming the first female parachute jumper in China, the female soldier with the most parachute jumping times, and the oldest female soldier in airborne landing.

Invention of the "oxygen vest"

Obtained national patents

When he was in the parachuting unit, Ma Xu found that the paratroopers' ankles were often injured, so he and her husband concentrated on scientific research, through consulting information and parachuting practice, developed an "inflatable ankle pad", which was promoted in the airborne troops and obtained national patents, and the two also published a number of medical papers.

During a plateau airborne training, Ma Xu found that the soldiers had symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness and headache, and slow movement caused by lack of oxygen, but traditional oxygen pillows and oxygen supply cylinders were either too large and heavy, or they were prone to explosion when encountering shrapnel. Ma Xu immediately decided to invent a light and safe product to "escort" the safety of the soldiers.

Since the use scenario is in the plateau area, achieving the uniform distribution of oxygen up and down has become the most difficult problem to overcome, and it took the couple nearly a year just to find the right fabric everywhere. "The drawings were drawn more than 600 times, and I tried hundreds of times before I succeeded." Ma Xu said with a smile. In the end, the "oxygen vest" invented by her and her wife was patented by the state, filling a gap in the field of parachuting in the airborne army.

Wearing 15 yuan shoes, he donated 10 million

The place where Ma Xu and his wife Yan Xueyong live is an old bungalow in a remote village. The walls are mottled, some walls are peeling, and cracks appear in many places; The old-fashioned sofa revealed rags and cotton wool, and the armrests were bald; The hardboard bed slept for forty or fifty years, and on the wooden shelves in the small bedroom, all kinds of old objects and clothes were stacked.

Ma Xu and his wife's home on the outskirts of Wuhan

After being old and unable to skydive, Ma Xu did not stop. She and her husband Yan Xueyong engaged in scientific research together, published more than 100 academic papers and experiences in newspapers and periodicals inside and outside the military, and wrote "Physiological Pathology of Airborne Troops" and "Basis for Physical Psychological Training of Airborne Troops".

Books and patents could have allowed the couple to live a prosperous life, but they chose to save up their income. In a few years, Ma Xu has only bought one pair of shoes, which is also her most expensive pair - 15 yuan. In their "humble" home on the outskirts of Wuhan, the most expensive furniture is only a set of bookcases for five or six hundred yuan to store materials.

In 2018, the two decided to donate all of their life savings of 10 million yuan to their hometown of Mulan County, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, to support the education cause of their hometown. Ma Xu said, "I hope that more people will gain the power of knowledge." ”

When Ma Xu and his wife Yan Xueyong went to the bank to remit 3 million yuan, they attracted the attention of the bank staff and triggered a story of "octogenarians transfer huge amounts of money, bank employees called the police", and it was because of this beautiful misunderstanding that her deeds were widely known.

In July this year, Ma Xu took out the "treasures" he had cherished for many years - invention patents, medals, combat boots, and notes... Donated to his "second hometown" Wuhan.

She said, "Everything I have was given to me by the party and the state, and naturally I should dedicate everything I have to the party and the country." ”

The deeds of Ma Xu and Yan Xueyong touched the people of the whole country. The couple was also elected to the sixth "CCTV Charity Person of the Year", and the award speech to them read: That's all of you, from the simplicity of the Burrow, and the clothes are repeatedly sewn. In your life, the country is the soul of your guards, and the countryside is your way home. Trickling into a river, flowing to that homeland, the sunset is shining and dazzling.

Tribute to Ma Xu and Yan Xueyong!

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