It's been 97 years! We will never forget you...

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28 years incognito

It fills the gap in China's nuclear theory

Make outstanding contributions to the breakthrough of hydrogen bombs


Won the "Two Bombs and One Star" Meritorious Service Medal

The highest national science and technology award and other lofty honors

Maintain an original heart under the prestige

He said:

"A person's name, sooner or later, is to be missing,

can integrate the meager strength into the strength of the motherland,

is enough to masturbate. ”

He is Yu Min

Recipient of the Order of the Republic


It was the 97th anniversary of his birth

His life


It's also moving


"The country needs me, I will definitely do my best"

In 1926

Yu Min was born in Tianjin to a small family of clerks

After entering the School of Science of Peking University

His results are at the top of the list

Mentor Zhang Zongsui said

I've never seen physics as good as Yu Min

Two years after the founding of New China

Yu Min is a famous physicist

Qian Sanqiang is the director of the Institute of Modern Physics

Started a scientific career

He proposed with collaborators

A model of the coherent structure of atomic nuclei

It fills the gap in China's nuclear theory

In 1961

Qian Sanqiang told Yu Min

The institute decided to make him the deputy team leader

Lead and participate in the pre-study of the Chinese hydrogen bomb theory

At this time, Yu Min's nuclear theory was studied

We are at a critical juncture when important results could be achieved

But he still chose without hesitation

Obedience to assignments

"The country needs me, I will definitely do my best"

Since then

Yu Min started for 28 years

Incognito career


"Domestic Expert No. 1"

Among the leading physicists who developed nuclear weapons

Yu Min has no study abroad experience

Hence the affectionate call

"Domestic Expert No. 1"

At the beginning of the exploration and research of hydrogen bomb theory

The equipment is rudimentary

A computer that is 10,000 times per second

All aspects need to be addressed

Only 5% of the time can be reserved for the hydrogen bomb design

At that time, Yu Min was in the scientific research building where he worked

One night after another lit up

People are trying to figure out a question

Often stay up all night

Make a hydrogen bomb

Our country started entirely from a blank sheet of paper

September-December 1965

Yu Min leads the scientific research team

Completed the history of China's nuclear weapons research

The famous "Battle of the 100 Days"

More than 100 days and nights

Yu Min first immersed himself in the mountain of computer tape

Then do intensive reporting

Lead everyone to discover

The key to self-sustaining thermonuclear combustion of hydrogen bombs

A technical path to break through the hydrogen bomb was found

From principle, material to configuration

Complete hydrogen bomb physics design

Broke the Western monopoly

It played a key role in the breakthrough of the hydrogen bomb principle


China's first hydrogen bomb, successfully exploded

On June 17, 1967, China successfully exploded its first hydrogen bomb over the western region. The successful explosion of the hydrogen bomb is another leap forward in the development of China's nuclear weapons. This is a data photo of the hydrogen bomb explosion. Xinhua News Agency

June 17, 1967

Deep in the Lop Nur Desert

Mushroom clouds soar into the sky

A loud bang shocked the world

China's first hydrogen bomb

Explosion successful!

From the first atomic bomb explosion

By the time the first hydrogen bomb was successfully tested

The United States used it for more than 7 years

The USSR took 4 years

It took China only 2 years and 8 months

Some people honor Yu Min as the "father of the hydrogen bomb"

But he said

This is the cause of thousands of people


Incognito for 28 years

Before 1988

Few people know who Yu Min is

Fewer people know what he's doing

After the name is decrypted

Yu Min received the honor

Since 1961, he has been commissioned to study the theory of hydrogen bombs

Declassified by 1988

Over a period of 28 years

Yu Min remained anonymous

For state secrets

He was tight-lipped about his wife Sun Yuqin

Yu Min has been running away for many years

The wife takes care of all the housework

In 2012

Sun Yuqin died of a sudden heart attack

Whenever asked about the most regrettable thing in my life

The first thing that Yu Min thought of was his wife

He said

"The first thing I owe is my love

She took care of me for 55 years

I feel sorry for her

Seeing things often"

Second regret

It's that there is too little discipline for children

The upper does not sue the parents, and the lower does not sue the wife and children

He remained anonymous for the country for 28 years

Maybe ashamed of loved ones

But he was not ashamed of the state


Willing to dedicate my life to grandiosity!

Since the 80s of the twentieth century

Yu Min led the team in the second generation of nuclear weapons

Breakthrough key technologies in development

Let China develop nuclear weapons technology

A new level

On 18 September 1999, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission solemnly held a meeting of scientific and technological experts at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to commend their outstanding contributions to the development of the "two bombs and one satellite." This is Yu Min, a representative of scientists who participated in the development of the "two bombs and one satellite" and winner of the "Two Bombs and One Star Meritorious Service Medal," speaking at the meeting. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Xinqing

He and Deng Jiaxian, Hu Renyu, Hu Side and other scientists

Several times the report was drafted

Analyze the development of related experiments in China

And the gap with foreign countries

Offer to fight for timing

Strategic recommendations to accelerate the pace

On the road of nuclear testing

The United States conducted more than 1,000 times

China has only done it 45 times

Less than one-twentieth in the United States

Miniaturization of atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, and nuclear weapons


This is Yu Min and his colleagues

Written in blood

Historical monuments that lift the spirit of the nation

"Experience the old and new eras, willing to dedicate my life to grandiosity"

Yu Min fulfilled his promise to the motherland

He wrote the modern history of China with sincerity

A saga that hits the heart

June 2023, 8

It is the 97th anniversary of Yu Min's birth

The precious spiritual wealth he left behind

will continue to inspire generations of Chinese

We will never forget you

Salute! Remember!

Source: Xinhuanet Treasure Youth Studio

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