A set of cartoons that take comrades away from the network "Pandora"

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Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Dai Lili Correspondent Han Huihui, Deng Jin Wu Tao

With the rapid development of the Internet

Officers and soldiers in the barracks can

Learn knowledge through the web

Convenient shopping, gaming and entertainment


The web is a double-edged sword

In a colorful online world

There are also "traps" and "routines"

Officers and men of a certain detachment of the Beijing Armed Police Corps on duty

A set of comics created

Take you to count those "pits" on the Internet

I hope that my comrades-in-arms will keep their eyes open and not fall into traps

Cybersecurity is no small matter, these routines should be vigilant!

1. Links involving secrets

Unfamiliar links, don't mess around.

Loss of secrets and leakage, regret.

There are so many online scams that you can't prevent

When you receive things like lucky wins, promotions, cash envelopes, etc

When a message contains an unfamiliar link

Don't just click!

Because when you click on the link

Your phone is already exposed

Personal privacy and confidential information will be at a glance

Pockets are empty, money is in black hands

2. Game recharge

Game recharge is a pit,

I want to charge it after I finish it.

At the moment, mobile games are very popular

Game top-up for tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars

In an instant, your combat power will explode

Don't indulge in game top-ups!

Because as a military man

Virtual combat effectiveness can not replace real skills

Or should it be hardened into steel in training

Realize your own value

3. Online loan sharking

Consumer borrowing do not indulge,

Stuck in a quagmire, there is no way to regret it.

"Unsecured, low interest rates, fast lending!"

In the face of such advertising words

Are you impressed?

Download the recommended APP or fill in the detailed identity information and give the address book permission

Complete these steps to borrow money smoothly?

Don't be deceived!

Comrades-in-arms should keep in mind

Whether it's "gambling" on life

Or "loan" to trouble

These are all wrong choices that ruin the life of the military

There will be no pie in the sky, only traps

In the face of bad behavior habits, we must resolutely resist

In the face of online gambling and online loans, we must decisively say "no"

4. Improper remarks

Pay attention to freedom of speech, and do not transmit distorted ideas

Think about it, black and white must be considered

In the face of this network era of explosive news volume,

When you go with the flow, follow the trend

When blindly commenting on sensitive information from unknown sources that are difficult to distinguish between true and false

Be careful!

Your inappropriate remarks

Already imperceptibly affected

National security and social stability

At the same time, it also buried his great future

Regret is not enough to tear two lines

We must strengthen the core values of socialism and cultivate a pair of golden eyes to distinguish right from wrong

Do not blindly follow, do not follow the trend, do not spread indiscriminately.

5. Online gambling

There are many online gambling routines, and they want to be confused

Once contaminated with the devil, the people and wealth were also broken

"Legal betting, sports competition!

High rebates, immediate withdrawal! ”

When you are a little attracted to online gambling

Be alert!

People say nine out of ten bets

However, online gambling can be described as ten bets and ten losses!

Because the online gambling background is controllable

Whet your appetite between losing and winning

Leave your blood lost

We need to keep a clear head at all times

Do not touch online gambling, online loans, online gambling

6. Over the wall

There is nothing new on the extranet, and foreign forces set traps

Climbing over the wall and illegally ruining the future, suddenly awakened too late

When you want to climb over the wall to see the "outside world"

Don't stop!

Because overseas networks are full of a lot of negative and harmful information

Once vainly trying to steal the "forbidden fruit"

It is highly likely to be affected by foreign websites

The poison of reactionary remarks and erroneous trends of thought

go astray

Any form of "circumvention of the wall" is both illegal and undisciplined

Don't take any chances

We need to keep our eyes open and keep our original intentions open

The moon in a foreign country will not be rounder than in China

The information age is really convenient

Network traps to circumvent


We must always keep in mind:

There is politics online

There is hostility online

There are traps online

There is supervision online

Shine your discerning eye

Hold on to the ruler of the law

Standardize your trip online

Jointly build the network security of military camps

Share green network civilization