The missile crashed on its first flight, but he was convinced that Chinese would succeed

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59 years ago today

June 29, 1964

The DF-2 missile was successfully launched

Behind the success

There is also a twisty story

The first flight failed

They face the pressure to create miracles

June 29, 1964

Great desert wine spring

Chinese independently developed

The first ballistic missile

"Dongfeng-2" ignited and lifted off

Accurately hit a predetermined target thousands of miles away

It opened the history of the development of China's space industry

A new page

Behind the success

There is a little-known and arduous process

Witnesses of the experiment

Former deputy director of the 101 Institute of the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group

Zhang Zheng

Narrated for the reporter of the main station

The missile failed from its first flight

To the experience of flying again

Zhang Lao participated in the whole test drive

Now back to this

The test operation of the "Dongfeng-2" missile engine

Meritorious test bench

The scenes of that year are still fresh in my memory

March 21, 1962

Test the engine successfully

Pushing the "Dongfeng-2" missile

Conduct the first flight tests


69 seconds after ignition launch

The missile crashed in

Just a few hundred meters from the launch tower

It almost brought disaster to the launch team

Rigorous analysis by team members

Reasons for the starter loss:

Stable engine

After adding other components such as fuel tanks

Loud vibration during launch

Unforeseen accidents can occur

This question

It must be solved on the ground by full ammunition tests

And more than 50 years ago

There is simply no such device in our country

But everyone was not discouraged

Pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps

Only a year later

It was not far from the second platform where the engine was tested

It was built to be able to undertake the full-bomb test of the "Dongfeng-2"

Test bench four

"Chinese no worse than others

We can do it."

June 1963

There are 101 institutes of the sixth academy of the aerospace science and technology group

Former Director of Channel 4

Wang Xuepu

He was in his 20s

Come to Desk 4 to get to work

Responsible for the control system

Wang Lao recalled

At that time, a limited time was requested

Digest the data and figure out the principle

When operating in the field

Often it's not easy to get it done

I'm going to come back and take a look again

Wang Lao was telling reporters about the difficult process

Hearty laughter

But when sharing the joy of success

Can't help but choke up and cry

"After it worked

Everyone was very happy

But the commander could not be found

The commander is in the test control room next to it


"DF-2" missile

It was successfully completed on Platform 4

Medium range, full range, rated thrust

and full-bullet test runs such as large thrust

Withstood flight tests before

The most rigorous and comprehensive test

After that, a successful launch

For the older generation of astronauts

The development of "Dongfeng-2" was successful

There is another layer of significance

"It's very important to work hard and be self-reliant

Chinese is no worse than others

We can do it."


Source: CCTV Military WeChat public account