On September 18, the translated name was released: "Gripen" fighter

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Full foreign name: Gripen

Chinese translation: "Gripen" fighter

Background: Agence France-Presse reported on September 14 that Swedish Defense Minister Boll Rongsong said that Ukrainian pilots have completed their initial training to fly the Swedish Gripen fighter, and Sweden will consider whether to donate a part of the Gripen fighter to Ukraine. The Gripen fighter is a multifunctional fighter with air combat, ground attack and reconnaissance capabilities, with a maximum take-off weight of 16.5 tons, a maximum speed of 2450 km / h and a maximum range of 4000 km. Developed by the Swedish company Saab, it first flew in 1988, first equipped with the Swedish Air Force in 1996, and then marketed to the world, and is now in service with multinational air forces.