Now I am also a flood fighter, and when I grow up, I will be you!

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There is such a group of people

They used to be helpless teenagers in the face of floods

Growing up

They learn what heroes looked like

Be the vanguard, take the lead, and take on the burden

Striving to be the "lonely brave" at a critical juncture

"Retrograde" in the face of disaster

With responsibility and responsibility

On the front line of flood control for the people

A solid "of youth" was built

After 15 years, I became you

Affected by heavy rainfall

Dagui Village, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province

More than 180 villagers were besieged for five days

Officers and soldiers of a brigade of the 78th Group Army of the Army

Continuous struggle to transfer the masses

During this rescue mission

There was a 25-year-old fighter

His name is Han Xu

During a flood 15 years ago

Han Xu was rescued by the People's Liberation Army

He said:

"Fifteen years ago I was 10 years old

At that time, there was a flood in Jilin Province

My grandmother and I were trapped on the roof

It was the PLA that rescued me and my grandmother

At that time, my grandmother told me to be grateful

I remembered"

Follow in the footsteps of those PLA uncles back then

Today's Han Xu also looks like them

Han Xu said:

"As a military man

The mission and responsibility of the military should be shouldered

Carry the safety and interests of the people on their shoulders"

I am also going to join the army

On the embankment of the Yongding River

A certain unit of the 82nd Army

Liang Xiaolong

He and his comrades have been here for several days and nights

At the age of 18

Liang's hometown was hit by rare floods

The water that broke through the dikes

Flooded his home

In a moment of panic

A young PLA fighter takes off his life jacket

Wear it on his body

gave Liang Xiaolongsheng hope

In his eyes

The PLA is a hero

Since then

Liang Xiaolong secretly made up his mind

Be like them

September 2022

Liang Xiaolong joined the army


He is also like a hero in his heart

Charging on the front lines of flood prevention and disaster relief

Father and son soldiers on the front line of flood fighting

"Dad, you have a back injury

Be sure to be safe over there..."

Hang up

Corporal Hu Wenjie, a brigade of the 81st Army

Put on a rucksack

Follow the rescue team and disappear deep into the mountains


On the embankment of the Jiujiang River in Jiangxi

His father, Hu Xiaowu

As the village chief, he is leading the villagers to patrol the embankment

Hu Xiaowu was a militia company commander

Floods raged in 1998

To defend your hometown

He leads the militia

Guarded the embankment day and night

Vows to coexist with the levee

Hu Wenjie grew up listening to his father tell stories about flood fighting

Every summer vacation, I would follow my father to guard the dam


Like his father, he was on the front line of flood fighting

Dad, I'm just like you used to be

July 29

Affected by heavy rainfall

Villages around Baoding, Hebei

Roads are washed away, power is interrupted, and waterlogging is severe

A certain unit of the Air Force of the Central Theater

Ordered to carry out rescue missions

On the eve of the departure of disaster relief

Zhao Yong dialed his father's phone

"Dad, I'm going to fight the flood like you used to be!"

My father was silent for a long time

"Xiaoyong, we must pay attention to safety in disaster relief and save more people."

Zhao Yong was part of the rescue team

The company was ordered to form a rescue commando team

He is the same as his father Zhao Cunfu

The first one signed up

In 1998, Hubei experienced a major flood

Zhao Cunfu didn't say a word

So he wrote a "letter of petition" to the company

Immediately followed the team

During the rescue

Zhao Yong and his comrades crossed the landslide road and waded through muddy waters

Rapid evacuation of affected people

When the crowd was heard shouting

"The PLA is coming, we are saved!"

He understood

The deep meaning in my father's words

A qualified military man

The interests of the masses of the people will definitely be held high above their heads!

Go to the front line

This is a relay expedition after many years

At that time,

You fought on the front lines and never flinched

At this point,

When I grow up, I will be you!

Editor: Tan Huiting