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There is such a man, he is a great Chinese scientist, like Qian Xuesen, he returned to the motherland against many difficulties in order to make China also have powerful weapons. If Oppenheimer's creation of the atomic bomb was full of controversy, he, or they, were undoubtedly heroes, because he understood that for his country, "nuclear peace" equaled peace. He is Guo Yonghuai, one of the meritorious achievements of our country's "two bombs and one star"!

The novella "Eternal Remembrance" tells the touching story of Guo Yonghuai, the father of the "two bombs and one star", who gave up the favorable conditions of the United States, returned to the motherland, devoted himself to national defense, and was martyred for the country. Through the multi-faceted and multi-perspective depiction of teachers and students, friendship, love, family affection, etc., Guo Yonghuai's noble character and family and country feelings are reflected. At the same time, it is also the first time that the famous Suzhou critic Sheng Xiaoyun personally wrote and created a commentary.

In the theater, the commentators Shi Bin and Sheng Xiaoyun successfully performed on stage, and the audience applauded continuously. Sheng Xiaoyun said: "This is my debut novel, and I didn't expect that I could complete a novella independently, and I consulted a lot of information at that time, and I was moved by that spirit, just want to interpret it in a commentary." ”

You know, the creation of bullet words is different from the movie script, not only to understand the deeds of the characters, plus artistic creation, but also to meet the rhyme of the bullet words. When Sheng Xiaoyun was creating, she often thought of a sentence in the middle of the night, and she got up to write it down, sometimes creating all night. The hard work paid off, and finally after more than 3 months of creation, Sheng Xiaoyun finally completed this "Eternal Remembrance". However, when performing, they should have been handy, but they encountered a big problem.

It turned out that according to historical records, on December 5, 1986, Guo Yonghuai returned to Beijing with confidential documents, and when he arrived in Beijing and was about to land, the plane crashed. When he was discovered, Guo Yonghuai hugged the guards tightly, and the briefcase containing the confidential documents was intact.

When Li Pei received this bad news, he didn't shed a single tear, and quietly looked out the window for 5 hours, sad and tearless. Every time this section of rehearsal was reached, Sheng Xiaoyun could not suppress his sadness and cried hard. But the requirements of the plot must not have tears, but also sing. Sheng Xiaoyun couldn't sing if he choked, and he cried every time he rehearsed, and he couldn't rehearse.

Countless tears during the creation and rehearsal finally converged into this "Eternal Remembrance". In order to know more about Guo Yonghuai and polish the script, in May this year, Sheng Xiaoyun also brought the main creative actors to the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and rehearsed this Suzhou commentary in front of Guo Yonghuai and Li Pei's former colleagues and students.

Guo Yonghuai, Li Pei's former students, secretaries, and life assistant colleagues all came to the scene and were very moved after listening to it. Everyone said that Pingtan is a treasure of Suzhou with a long history, and they thought that it could only express themes such as history and humanities, but they did not expect that they could also express national heroic stories now.

Sheng Xiaoyun believes that commenting is an art form with a history of thousands of years, and art is all connected, not only TV and movies can praise our "two bombs and one star" fathers, but also can praise them in their own way, hoping that Pingtan can be accepted by more people with more diversified expressions and content.

Source: See Suzhou