A farewell ceremony for the 2023 fall recruits was held in Yutang Street

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Recently, Yutang Street, Guangming District, held a farewell ceremony for the enlistment of recruits in the fall of 2023 to send the recruits to the military road.

At the ceremony, the relevant person in charge of Yutang Street read out the list of recruits and their whereabouts, issued enlistment notices to recruits, issued souvenirs to the families of recruits, and warmly congratulated the two young people who enlisted.

It is reported that the two young conscripts passed layers of screening, and finally stood out from the conscripted youths and smoothly embarked on the military journey. "As a new generation of youth, we should shoulder the important task of safeguarding national security and building the motherland's tomorrow." The representative of the enlisted recruits said firmly.

"I hope that after you enter the barracks, you will be more strict with yourself, learn humbly, build a strong skill, and win glory for the people in your hometown." The parent representatives of the recruits expressed their hope that through training, the children will strive to improve their quality in all aspects, lay a solid foundation for their personal development in the future, and become a useful talent for society in the future. The main person in charge of the Yutang Street Party Working Committee congratulated the recruits and paid tribute to the parents who supported national defense construction and actively sent their children to join the army.

It is reported that Yutang Subdistrict conscientiously implemented the requirements of conscription work at all levels and successfully completed the task of recruiting new soldiers. (Yu Muzi, Wei Qiuxing, Wang Yunyan)

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