Eighteen years of trekking with youth

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How many 18 years are there in a person's life? How much does a person's youth have to be minus 18 years?

The eighteen years from the age of twenty-five to forty-three years are undoubtedly the most precious and rare golden years in the river of life. From a slightly youthful maturity to a prime of life, countless people have borne too much pressure from life and work, and most of them are like a continuous running machine. Let me ask, under such a heavy burden, who can be as happy and selfless as the sun to care for and warm others?

There is one person who can, he not only embarked on the road of public welfare without hesitation, but also persevered on this sunny road with his youth trekking for eighteen years. He is Zou Pingli, president of Jiangxi Fengcheng Volunteer Federation and Fengcheng Sunshine Volunteer Association.

Founded the first non-governmental public welfare organization in the province

In 1981, Zou Pingli was born in Xingwu Village, Sundu Street, Fengcheng City. After graduating from high school, Zou Pingli was drafted into the army. In the army, Zou Pingli actively participated in various volunteer service activities organized by the army, and his class was called "Lei Feng Volunteer Class".

In 2001, Zou Pingli returned to his hometown after being discharged from the army, and in order to quickly adapt to local work and life, he took advantage of the time he was waiting for work assignments to rush alone to Shenzhen, where he was not familiar with his life. During his two years of part-time work, he was fortunate enough to meet volunteers in Shenzhen several times - there was a group of people who traveled day and night without asking for anything in return, and they were happy to do good things for many years to help the poor and the weak, and help the needy.

In 2003, Zou Pingli entered a system unit in Fengcheng, and since then, he has had a stable income, and a year later, he has accumulated more than 1,000 yuan. In the process of working, he gradually found that many people were not as lucky as him, and there were many people who had difficulties in life, including children who dropped out of school because they could not pay tuition, and patients who could not enter the hospital because they lacked money. Zou Pingli thought to himself, anyway, these money will not be used for a while, how good it should be to put it on them! After that, he purposefully used holidays to visit people in need in villages, schools and hospitals, and realized that his efforts can bring hope to people in need.

In 2006, a bold idea came out of Zou Pingli's heart, and he took decisive action, gathered ten like-minded friends, and founded the first non-governmental non-profit organization in Jiangxi Province, "Fengcheng Volunteer Federation".

Since the establishment of the Fengcheng Volunteer Federation, Zou Pingli has carefully cared for her as if she were his own child. In the process of service, Zou Pingli always asks members to do their best to maintain the personal dignity of the recipients, and do not regard themselves as the "saviors" of the recipients. They also do not want recipients to bear the heavy label of "old, weak, sick, disabled, and poor", and they do not want recipients to feel indebted for their help. He and the volunteers have always held the original intention of "everyone is equal in life" and wholeheartedly help those in need. On their way up to goodness, they bloomed another splendid flower of life.

There is a well-known saying in the Volunteer Union: "Help others and be happy with yourself." Zou Pingli often wears a red vest to lead members to participate in volunteer activities. They go deep into the streets of the old town to help the elderly living alone, they help people buy tickets, carry luggage, pick up children at train stations, or work as vigilantes on the road to persuade and maintain traffic order. They brought beams of camaraderie to some less noticed corners. Their daily acts of kindness gradually infected the general public.

The team is getting bigger and bigger

Zou Pingli's open heart, humble character and sincerity and goodwill exuding from his heart have inspired more and more caring people to join the Fengcheng Volunteer Federation.

Zou Pingli is very cautious about the development of members and attaches great importance to the cultivation of members. Yang Yan, a private business owner specializing in electronic products, was moved by Zou Pingli's good deeds and wanted to join the Volunteer Federation as soon as possible, but Zou Pingli insisted on following the procedure, and after several months of investigation, Yang Yan finally got her wish in 2008. Based on her advantages of good temperament, good image and ability to speak standard Mandarin, the Volunteer Federation appointed her to be in charge of the teaching department and give safety education classes in schools and communities. So far, she and her members have taught more than 200 hours of voluntary lectures on topics such as "drowning prevention" and "traffic safety". In the past few years, she has represented Fengcheng City in speech competitions such as "Red Story" and "Beautiful Countryside" in Jiangxi Province and Yichun City, and won many awards.

During the winter vacation, young student Lu Li saw that there was an elderly man living alone in a neighboring village who had an extremely difficult life, she felt pity, every day would help the elderly wash, cook and clean, chat with the elderly, twenty days later, thinking that she would go back to school after the Lantern Festival, the old lady had no one to take care of, she couldn't help but feel sad. One day, she came to Xincheng Yuekelong shopping, it happened that the Fengcheng Volunteer Federation was engaged in publicity activities at the door, she held the psychology of trying it and asked them if someone would take over her to take care of the elderly, Zou Pingli did not say a word after listening to it, first took the matter, and then arranged specific matters, and told Lu Li to study at ease. Lu Li was deeply touched by the intimate service of Fengcheng Volunteer Federation, and a few years later, Lv Li returned to her hometown to work, and the first thing she did was to apply to join Fengcheng Volunteer Federation.

The influence of the Federation of Volunteers is growing, and the team is getting bigger and bigger. Today, with more than 400 members and no less than 40 members volunteering every day, Zou Pingli regards these volunteers as family, and he and his family members have since "helped others and happy themselves" like sunshine. ”

A small match can raise a warm dream in the cold and cold winter; A firefly / can point a lost direction in the dark night; A little care / can plant a green green hope in the wasteland of the heart; A public welfare / can harvest an intoxicating fragrance in the red dust wilderness... Although my ability is limited, I am still willing to turn into a ray of sunlight and help the earth under my feet to smell sweet.

Three years ago, Zou Pingli established the Fengcheng Sunshine Volunteer Association in the Fengcheng Volunteer Federation, and at the same time composed this song "Sunshine Wish" as the anthem of the association, and "Sunshine Wish" was like a wisp of spring breeze blowing on the vast land of Jianyi.

He has won more than 50 honors

Since the establishment of Fengcheng Volunteer Federation in 2006, Fengcheng Volunteer Federation has made selfless dedication and silent dedication, covering all township homes for the elderly, poor villages and special education schools in the city, participating in a total of 22,760 activities, participating in 158,160 volunteers, serving 638,200 hours, and benefiting 500,000 people.

The volunteer federation and its members have won more than 50 honors such as "Excellent Volunteer Organization", "Youth Civilization Number", "Advanced Collective", "Advanced Individual", "Moral Model", "38 Red Flag Bearer" and "Most Beautiful Volunteer" in Jiangxi Province, Yichun City and Fengcheng City. Zou Pingli has also won more than a dozen honors such as "Fengcheng Labor Model", "Fengcheng Outstanding Red Cross Volunteer", "The Most Beautiful Fengcheng People", "Yichun City's Fourth Top Ten Outstanding Youth Nomination Award", "Provincial Pacesetter of Learning from Lei Feng" and so on.

In the face of achievements and honors, Zou Pingli and the volunteers have kept a clear mind, they have always adhered to the volunteer spirit and value orientation of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress", they have never used honor as capital to show off, every affirmation from the masses and every support from the society have become their source of strength and motivation for perseverance for public welfare. Zou Pingli said: "Why didn't the Volunteer Federation go in both directions? Our volunteers have their own strengths, learn from each other, learn from each other's strengths, and constantly improve ourselves, and the touching and trust gained from the activities has further contributed to our understanding of our families, tolerance for others and enthusiasm for our work. ”

The road to public welfare never ends, and the service of volunteers never stops. In the process of creating a national civilized city, we can often see the busy figure of Fengcheng Volunteer Federation. "Where there is a need, there are volunteers." This is the result that Zou Pingli is most happy to see.

Trickling down the rivers and seas, great love runs silently. Zou Pingli used his precious youth to trek on the road of public welfare for 18 spring and autumn without regret, he created extraordinary life value in the ordinary, and forged a very personal charm in the ordinary, he is a banner of public welfare and a clarion call of civilization. Zou Pingli said frankly: "Public welfare will accompany me all my life. "We are pleased to see that more and more public welfare organizations have sprung up like mushrooms, and the soil of civilization is fragrant with golden autumn fruits. (Zou Xinmin, You Siqing)